Fakultas Saintek UINSA Menggelar Bimtek Pendirian LSP

Fakultas Saintek UINSA Menggelar Bimtek Pendirian LSP

FST UINSA Newsroom, Rabu (08/3/2021); Job demands continue to increase along with the times. Advances in science and technology also require strengthening the capacity of human resources, especially young graduates. This also affects universities to compete in providing training to hone student creativity and soft skills. UINSA Surabaya also tries to make a positive contribution in preparing quality human resources to face the world of work by forming a professional certification institution (LSP).
The above argument underlies the holding of technical guidance for the establishment of a Professional Certification Institute (LSP) within the UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. The event, which was held virtually, was handled directly by the Deputy Chairman of the BNSP Miftahul Aziz, MH (Tuesday, March 2, 2021).

“LSP is an inevitable need for academics and society. LSP is a forum for developing student soft skills to face the world of work,” said Uinsa Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Wahidah Zain Siregar, PhD., In his speech. He hopes that the UINSA LSP will be able to fill the competencies needed by today’s business world.

Dr. Evi Fatimatur Rusydiyah as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology said he was optimistic that the existence of LSP could improve the quality of UINSA student graduates.
This Bimtek activity is planned to last seven meetings, to ensure that LSP can stand in Uinsa. This activity begins with the preparation of a proposal, then appreciation will be carried out, if it passes, then institutionally, the university will form personnel to manage the follow-up to the establishment of the LSP. As is known, there are 3 clusters of LSP, namely: LSP P-1, LSP P-2, and LSP P-3. In accordance with the laws and regulations, LSPs in universities are included in the LSP P-1 cluster.

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